We specialize in styling private events for small groups. 

If you are looking to celebrate a birthday, shower, seasonal party or other private event, 

we offer specialized solutions that can fit your needs

We especially design Korean birthday celebration known as 'Dol'.

Koreans have a unique celebration when a person reaches an important age in his or her life.  

Dol is celebrated for the first birthday of a child. 

The decorations of  a Dol table has many wishes and prayer. 

Doljabi is the main part of celebration. 

During Doljabi ,the baby picks up various items on a small table that is attractive him or her. 

The item that the baby picks up is said to predict the child’s future.

Party Decor

Our services are not limited to just Dol parties. 

We are excited to offer creative and unique stylings for your party. 

We love to create personalized, handcrafted designs to showcase your events. 

We serve the Northern Virginia, DC, Maryland and surrounding area.

Chookha means “celebration” in Korean.

Every celebration must be special.  Make your event special for your loved ones with Chookha.