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Rental Period (3 Days including Delivery & Pickup)

Delivery - A day before the reserved day

Pick-up- Next day of the reserved day

Time slots for Delivery & Pickup

Clients will select a time slot for both Delivery & Pick up.

1. Morning :  10:00am-1:00pm

2. Afternoon : 1:00pm-3:00 pm

Please contact us if you need adjust the schedule.

A late fee $100/Day will be assessed if the rental is not ready for us to pick up in time.

Delivery & Pickup Area

Please check out our service Map.      ->> Click Here

For any location outside of the service area may apply an additional travel fee.

Travel Fee

Please contact us for the travel fee if your location is in outside of the service area.
The travel fee is $3 per additional miles from the borderline of the service area.
(All travel distances are measured in round trip driving miles using the default Google Maps.)


We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, PayPal, Cash app, Venmo and Crypto payment(BTC,ETH) .
A full payment of the rental plan required when you reserve a date.

Rental deposit is $200 and can be paid by Personal check or other payment methods.
If you want to pay by credit card or other money transfer apps, please let us know.
Deposit should be paid at least a day before the pick up day.
We will return the deposit within 24 hours after an inspection of the returned items in the following way:
Personal Check -> Void 
Credit Card -> Refund to card
Cash -> PayPal, Check or other money transfer apps(cash app/venmo etc.)
Chookha Rental Service Terms and Conditions
  1. Fill out the Reservation form on the Reserve Page.

  2. We send you a confirmation about the reservation ( Parties are booked on a first come first serve basis.  Please reserve your package 1-2 month in advance to secure your reservation. If the date you requested is not available, we will let you know of any alternative dates and time we have available.)

  3. After you confirm your reservation, we send you an invoice to make a payment. We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, PayPal and other money transfer apps. Your payments acknowledges that you accept the terms and conditions of our Reservation, Cancellation and Return policy. Once we receive the payment, your rental package is officially booked.

  4. Rental service requires a deposit. Basic rental package deposit is $200, Hanbok rental deposit is $100. Your deposit can be paid by personal check and cash on the day of pickup. It will be refunded 100%(void if your deposit paid by personal check) when it is returned in original condition without damages or loss. If there is damage or loss, we will deduct the amount of damages or loss from your deposit, remaining charges will be assessed according to items, damaged or loss over the deposit fee if applicable.

  5. We delivery it a day before event day and pick up the next day of event date. There is a late fee of $100 per day for every additional day that you are late in returning the rental.

  6. To avoid additional charges, we require at least 31days advance notice if you need to cancel your service. If you cancel within 30-15days of your reserved date, you will be refunded 50%. If you cancel within 14 days of your event date, you will be responsible for 100% of the rental price. (refund is not available) Any Party no reschedule will be subject to our cancellation policy.

  7. Inclement weather/illness cancellation are handle on a case by case basis. We reserve the right to reschedule your party. If you choose to cancel the party due to severe weather or illness, please remember your refund is not available. (within 14 days of your event day) The service must be reschedule. We cannot guarantee the new day/time you would want but we will work with you to reschedule your party for an alternate date. Chookha reserves the right to decline outdoor service in the event of inclement weather. Client is responsible for providing an alternate nearby location in the event of inclement weather. 

  8. Force Majeure, Illness, Unexpected events ; Chookha will not be liable to Client under any circumstances if its performance is prevented or impaired due to war, insurrection, strikes, walk- outs, riots, fire, acts of God, including adverse weather conditions and earthquakes, shortages or unavailability of labor or materials, laws or governmental restrictions which conflict with the terms of this Agreement, or any other matter beyond the reasonable control of Chookha llc.  If Chookha cannot be perform in time for the Event due to illness, personal circumstances, we shall promptly return to Client all fees previously paid by Client, and shall then have no further liability with respect to this Agreement. 

  9. We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions without notice.

1. Fill out the form

2. Confirm & Payment

3. Design

4. Party & Enjoy

100%   Refund / Before 31 days*

50%     Refund / Before 30~15 days*

0%       Refund / Before 14~the day

* If there is any work/design done during the time,

the refund is available after the deductions of the work/service fee


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