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"파티 너무 예쁘게 꾸며줘서 감사합니다!

다들 사진보고 decor너무 예쁘다고 해요! 완전 마음에 들었어요~"

Mina Oswald/NY

"감사합니다! 돌 잔치 잘했어요! 다들 세팅 이쁘다고 말해주셨어요."

Aeree Doh/VA

"Thank you making Josephine’s Dol extra special...your designs were beautiful!  You and your team did an amazing job." 

Grace lee/D.C

"I used Chookha for my son's birthday 2 weeks ago. I rented the Dol set and it was beautiful. All the guests, families, and friends were awed at the intricate pieces. The instructions were extremely helpful and Eunsun helped us step by step in the design process. I could not have been happier with the rental. Thank you again!!"

Sallie Ly/VA

"My son’s first birthday party was this past Saturday and Chookha did all the decorations for it - I could not have been any happier and pleased with the outcome. I communicate with Eunsun on what theme I wanted and from there, she was very accommodating and knew exactly what I was looking for. She was very communicative and productive throughout the whole planning process. I highly recommend Chookha for any parties - price is affordable, you save time, and you’re amazed with the beautiful decorations created by Eunsun. Thank you for all that you did - you exceeded my expectations!"

Michelle K. Hwang/VA

"I was fortunate to find Chookha from a Google search for my daughter's first birthday party.  The owner Eunsun was very responsive to my inquiry and that gave me comfort to go with her dol rental service.  She provided very detailed instructions on the set-up and the table turned out to be gorgeous!  Our guests were very impressed as well.  At first, setting up our own table seemed a little daunting but it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be with Eunsun's help.  I'd recommend her rental service to all of my friends!"  

Sonia Son/VA

"THANK YOU! The dol party turned out to be more than I ever expected. It was simply beautiful. Thank you so much!" 


"추카덕분에 이쁘게 돌상차려 잘 치뤘어요. 정말 감사드려요~ 저희 시누도 까다로운 분인데 계속 물어보더라구요. 앞으로 이용할일 있으면 꼭 연락드릴게요. 감사합니다"

"I hope my bursting into tears when I walked into the restaurant was a testament to how pleased I was with everything you did for Abigail’s Dol~

I really was blown away by how beautifully everything turned out! The colors! The pictures! The banner! The doljabi raffle set! Everything was just perfect~ Thank you so much for having been SO easy to work with and always so responsive.  We are so happy we went with CHOOKHA to plan our event and we will be sure to leave excellent and sincere reviews on your website.  It was nothing but a pleasure to work with you!"

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